As sophisticated as any advanced search software may be, it is still primarily about user experience: a simple, intuitive interface for finding, organizing and navigating information. We have developed a software suite that is custom-assembled to address the unique and individual needs of our customers. Our current focus is centered on the research and development of new tools for exploration of large sets of information.


Doing advanced search can be easy. Complicated search syntax and boolean operators are a thing of the past with our software. Most importantly, though, you can search for concepts, not merely keywords. You will find relevant results that may not even contain the words used in your query. Our tools identify conceptual associations among documents based on the semantic structure of the texts for the times when keyword searching is not enough.

Visual graph


Sorted lists of search results don't help you understand how information is related and distributed conceptually. Our visualization tools provide a simple way to describe both significance and relationship. These tools are fully interactive and are generated on-demand.

Clustering and Categorization

Imagine that you have been given a gigabyte of data to read and analyse by the end of the week and you have no idea where to begin. Our tools will process this text and break it apart into meaningful categories, all without any prompting from you. Then you can embark on your task, focusing on those topics most important to you.

Related Term Identification

With our software, you can identify the terms most closely related to any individual word, phrase or set of search results. This can help you quickly understand both unknown words and the key concepts in a group of documents.



With our software, you can glance at a set of documents and know what they are about without needing to read through each one. Instead, a short summary is presented to you, containing the most representative sentences found in the text.

Named Entity Recognition

Person Identification

Your information may be full of the names of people, locations and other "named entities". If you need to not only identify these names but also find variants and show the relationship among them, our software will help. With our tools, you can create visual displays of who is related to whom and identify the significant concepts that characterize these relationships.

Social Network Analysis

Nearly any collection of information can be understood as a set of interrelated items, and as such, our software will identify the latent patterns in these relationships. This helps you quickly understand, explore and interact with the emerging structures in your data.

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